Want To Know A Secret?

“I worry about you.,” my best friend tells me as if I should be pleased to have made his list of things to worry  about.  I should wear a badge that honors my place as number six on his worry list.

Truth is that I don’t want to be number six, number one or number fifteen hundred and fifty-six.

To me, he is saying that I am not capable of taking care of myself.  I am more than capable, with God’s help, of handling anything that comes my way.

I am more concerned with the stress I have seen worry cause.  Not only with me but with him.

God tells us not to worry for a reason (Matthew 6:25-24, Philippians 4:6-7) .  He doesn’t give us arbitrary guidelines to follow.  He knows  what our bodies and mind can handle.

It is estimated that up to eighty percent of ailments that cause people to visit the doctor are induced by stress.  Eighty percent!

Worry causes us to be sick in our minds and bodies, making it hard to focus on our goals, the dreams God put in our hearts to accomplish and the people we care about.

I am a recovering worrywart myself.  I take it one day at a time.  Sometimes one minute, one second, at a time.

I learned to turn my worries into prayers.

Romans 8 tells us that the Holy Spirit helps us to pray (Romans 8:26).

When I am worried, I pray, “Holy Spirit, help me to pray about…” whatever situation that is troubling me.

Over the years, this has worked very well.  To the point where I call it my secret prayer weapon.

When I do this, I surrender the problem to God (1 Peter 5:7), knowing that the Holy Spirit is praying God’s perfect will for me (Romans 8:27).

This doesn’t just work for me.  It can work for you too.

Worry can kill your dreams, your relationships and make you sick.

What’s worrying you?  Why not let the Holy Spirit help you pray about those concerns today?

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